920 Milligray

920 Milligray is a post-apocalyptic feature film currenlty in preproduction. The stills above are from a trailer we shot to find production companies. Find out more about the film at this website: www.920milligray.com

Uwe: Stéphane Lalloz
Katja: Leyla Özbek
Minchi: Charlene Beck

Director: Daniel Bachler
DoP: Jan-Paul Gauly
2nd Camera: Tom Rotsch
Editor: Marius Wawer
Costume: Beatrice Nickel


Go is a film about a young man whose two passions are the game of Go and women. It was inspired by the aesthetics of Yasujiro Ozu and to a lesser degree by the films of Woody Allen and John Cassavetes. The film is currently in post production and will be online here once it has completed its festival screenings.

Asaf: Asaf Koliner
Sophie: Anne von Keller

Screenplay, Camera, Direction, Editing: Teresa Marenzi & Daniel Bachler

An Exercise in Action Choreography

DoP Jan-Paul Gauly, Editor Marius Wawer and I were interested in action choreography and so we watched hours of material and then shot this exercise. The actor for the victim had a schedule conflict and so thankfully our Gaffer Alex stepped in.

Torturer: Hararld Geil
Victim: Alex Bloom

Director: Daniel Bachler
DoP: Jan-Paul Gauly
Editor: Marius Wawer
Sound effects, mixing: Achim Burkart


My first film at the film school filmArche. A short about a dying relationship. And coffee.

She: Anne von Keller
He: Cyrus Rahbar

Director: Daniel Bachler
Screenplay: Pia Röver
DoP: Inga Pfafferott
Producer: Florinn Bareth
Editor: Diana Matous
Sound recordist: Manfred Bickmeier
Gaffer: Anselm Belser
Composer: Jeanfrançois Prins
Vfx: Daniel Bachler & Diana Matous

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